Complienz workshops

A short summary :

  • The reality today. Pharmacists have expectations to meet.
  • Examples of problems in prescribing, administering, and using medications.
  • Why Are There So Many ADRs?
  • The clinical significance of drug interactions.
  • How do I manage drug interactions?
  • The mechanisms why drug interactions occur.
  • When do interactions occur? Why do they occur?
  • Phase I oxidative enzymes : Substrates, inhibitors and inducers of CYP1A2, 2C9, 2C19, 2D6, 3A4. Explanation of how the CYP-enzymes work. Examples.
  • Genetic polymorphisms.
  • Pro-drugs.
  • The effect of food such as grapefruit juice on drug metabolism.
  • The effect of smoking and caffeine use on drug metabolism.
  • QT-prolongation
  • Drug-to-disease interactions. The risk of the patient.
  • What are P-glycoproteins? The role PgP plays in drug-interactions.
  • Phase 2 drug metabolism e.g. UDP/UGTglucuronyl transferase (glucuronidation)
  • When 2 drugs are used concurrently that have the same adverse effects or cause the same toxicity – what can happen?
  • Complienz integrated with RxWIN dispensing system
  • The effect of Complienz.

Complienz workshops are held monthly. Two days a month: One in Afrikaans and one in English.

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