Investing in Complienz

Complienz includes drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-disease interactions, drug-to-age, drug-to-pregnancy, drug-to-lactation and drug-to-food interactions. You will even get to know what the effect of smoking and caffeine can have on some drugs. But, it is not only an interaction program.

Complienz is about you and your customers. Complienz is a tool that can help you to provide a much better service to your patient, to ensure the return of your customer to your pharmacy. In order to survive, an independent pharmacy needs his customer to return to his pharmacy. The service provided has to be excellent, and the pharmacist needs to be the only pharmacist a patient feels safe with and trusts to dispense the medicine of himself and of his family. Your patient has to feel special and he has to know that you care, and that you will do the best to ensure the safety of him and his family when they need medicine.

By using Complienz, you can increase your patient’s compliance: you can provide him with correct and better label directions that can easily be added to the existing labels you use, and with a counseling pamphlet that is written in layman’s English and contains enough information, so that he can feel in control of his health. Concurrently, both the label directions and counseling pamphlets will ensure better patient compliance. You immediately give your patient a better chance of using his drug optimally.